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Mutant what?

I’ve been leveling an undead hunter on a new server to check out the non-twinked leveling experience and to see the new silverpine quests which I hear are awesome.

My thoughts on the subject will be coming in a future post, but I had to tab out and post this as soon as I saw it…

Mutant bush chicken

I literally laughed so hard I had to stop playing.  Well done Blizzard.  Well done indeed.



Then I did the quest It’s Only Poisonous if You Eat It

I laughed so hard at the quest rewards I thought I was going to pee myself.


I hereby retire from LFD

Bee over at A High Latency Life has mentioned that sometimes you have to an “a-hole”.

I’m tired of being an “a-hole”.

These days in LFD, my patience limit is almost down to zero. If we wipe due to mistakes, unfamiliarity, learning, I will run back in and finish the run. If people are new and have questions, I am more than willing to help.

But at the first hint of douchebaggery, I will /rage. First, I will initiate a vote kick. If I am unable to do so or if it doesn’t pass, I will drop group after a brief explanation/calling out of the douche. Period. I refuse to put up with the outrageous shit that people seem to get away with in LFD pugs.

So it is with little regret, that I hereby retire from LFD. If I don’t do this for my personal mental health, I will burn out on this game and never return.

When Cataclysm hits, I will quest to level, and will only see the new dungeons when I am able to go with my guild. If this means that I am unable to gear up to raid, then I will go casual. All you ass-hats out there can spread your poison to the other denizens of Azeroth. But I will not be tainted by your foul and pestilent manners.

For all of you new players that are still trying to figure out how this whole world (of warcraft) works, I pity you. You will suffer for the behavior of your peers. I don’t think that I am/will be the only experienced person who has given up on LFD. As more of us leave LFD, the higher the concentration of douche will become. I can only hope that one day the douche levels in LFD hit a critical mass and the resulting douche-nova spontaneously expels the douchebags permanently from this game that I love.

I’m not dead yet!

I know I have been remiss in posting.  I apologize, but I have been distracted by shinies…

Towers of Midnight released.  If you have not read the Wheel of Time series, stop reading this right now, get the books, and start reading.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you to catch up.  You’ve only got 13 books to read…


Oh my God aren’t those awesome?!  Since the last book, “A Memory of Light” isn’t scheduled to come out until 2012, I might just have to start over and read them all again.

Call of Duty: Black Ops released.  I’ve been a fan of the series for a while now.  Yes I know, but Raven, you’re an MMO player!  That’s right I am, yet I also enjoy some occasional time in a good FPS.  I still haven’t decided if I like Black Ops yet.  I will say that the guns you start out with suck.  But now that I’ve got some levels and better gear (what is up with the constant acquisition of gear?) I’m doing better and having more fun.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood just came out yesterday.  I’m a huge fan of this series.  I haven’t picked this one up yet, but am planning on it soon.  The multi-player could get slightly addicting.

Current state of WoW…elemental invasion?  Haven’t dabbled in it much yet.  I’ll probably go through it on one of my toons for the experience (not experience points, different thing).  Other than that, I’m not willing to login just to farm more points by killing the same stuff over and over again.  My favorite toon to play right now is my lowbie warlock.  Of course, I almost feel like I’m stealing from him with every level I get, as the whole experience is going to change in cataclysm, and he may want to see the new hotness.  Of course, he is still as demented as ever.  I’m even *shudder* considering an RP post about him, if I can work up the courage to try writing it.

Lady Worgen dance is…wtf?

The female worgen dance is Lady Gaga’s Poker Face?


I can’t find the blue post that mentions why they re-named “nom nom nom”.  Something about silly internet meme’s (google fu is failing me tonight), but we get Poker Face for the female worgen dance?

Edit:  Blue post on the renaming from Blizzcon Q&A.  Many thanks to BBB for having that listed on one of his posts.


Us versus them

There have recently been several posts in the blogosphere regarding the use of factions in MMOs, in WoW terms, Horde versus Alliance.

I have to admit.  I’m not a fan of the separation.  I don’t particularly notice the difference in BG’s.  It really seems totally artificial to be completely segregated from the opposing faction.  I play Alliance, but I would love to have more of a mix of Horde and Alliance races for my toons, and would love to be able to talk to and group with members of the other faction.  I really don’t have an “us versus them” mentality at all.  In fact, on my nelf druid especially, for some reason, I feel a kinship with tauren druids.  Even though I don’t RP, I can’t help cheering/high fiving them when I see them in Dalaran.  It seems natural.

I think of it kind of like when you’re cheering for your favorite sports team and find yourself cheering right along someone that you have absolutely nothing else in common with.  Even though you know nothing about them and might not get along anywhere else, in that venue, you’re kin.

I got that feeling a lot in ICC.  Even in the foyer where you see NPCs of cross faction races, it seemed so natural to bind together to defeat a common foe.

Now I can certainly understand the fierce loyalty to faction that you see in this game, but on the other hand, I don’t think that this should be forced.  I think that it should be a character choice.  For every Garrosh, there is Thrall.  I wish we could have this same choice.  I would love to carry a white flag into Ogrimmar and chat with other players who love this game as I do.  I would love to take down the big mean internet dragons with gnomes alongside orcs, and dwarves alongside the undead.  It just seems…right.

Maybe this would even help improve the community that so many people are condemning.  Of course it could also devolve into a morass of trash talk, but I’m trying to be positive 🙂

So recently there have been some posts regarding the use of heirlooms while leveling.

So what are my thoughts?  I like heirlooms, and I use them whenever possible.  Allow me to explain why.

I recently leveled my shaman to level 80 using full heirlooms and as much rested XP as possible.  I hit level 80 in Sholazar Basin.  I didn’t even step foot in Storm Peaks or Icecrown.  Why?  Because I LIKE questing in Sholazar.  As I leveled, I liked being able to go through and skip entire quest lines, quest hubs, and even entire zones so that I could spend my leveling time doing what I wanted to do, where I wanted to do it.  Heirlooms (the chest and shoulders for the +20% XP bonus) help to provide a great deal of flexibility in leveling.  Now I’ll admit, I got bored of seeing the same equipment for 80 levels and I missed the little adrenaline rush that a new upgrade gives you here and there, but the enjoyment I got out of leveling how/when/where I wanted to more than made up for it.

On my first two trips to level 80, I didn’t use any heirlooms.  After I got them both to 80, I took a LONG time off of leveling.  I don’t think I started my next leveling project for a solid 8 months.  I just couldn’t stand the thought of doing the same damned quest lines through the same zones over again.  Even though Blizzard does provide some alternate zones for certain level ranges, there really isn’t a whole ton of options available, other than LFD, which I also used occasionally.  Heirlooms allow you to make more decisions when it comes to how you level.  Don’t like the poop quests?  Skip ‘em.  Don’t want to grind rep with a faction just to open another quest hub?  Skip it.  Don’t want to deal with the gigantic spikey zone in Outland?  Go find somewhere else to quest and level.  Tired of grinding those same mobs who refuse to drop the particular body part that that quest requires?  Abandon it and move on.  I like options, and heirlooms provide me with more, so I use them.



I login Monday night and get a whisper from our raid leader.  “Got time for an LK kill?”  I get all nervous and reply “I can try :)”.  I swap to my disc priest.

I’ve watched videos, read tactics, but haven’t even seen the fight yet.  I zone in and meet up with the group.  A couple of other people haven’t done the fight yet, so we go over positioning and ready check.

The first attempt we lost due to bad defile placement.  The second fight we lost due to a tank error.  The third fight we lost due to really bad timing on valkyrie/defile.  The fourth attempt…we got him.  We make it clean into the last phase prior to the insta-death.  His HP is ticking down and I’m getting more and more nervous.  A voice is screaming in my mind “holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!” and I’m healing my ass off.  We lose one and get a battle rez right away.  The dps shaman goes down and ankh’s.  The raid leader announces “don’t release!” and boom!  We all drop like stones.  Congratulations go out in raid chat and the raid leader announces it over guild chat for the GM to see.  We get rezzed, pew pew and yahtzee!  Achievement spam.  By this time I’m literally shaking I’m so excited.  I watch the cutscene.

I thank my guild profusely.  We get screenshots.  I have a couple whispered congratulations back and forth with various teammates, one of whom I’ve been raiding with since my first guild in WoW ever.

It was one of the best moments I’ve had in this game.  I’m still having difficulty describing it.

My hat is off to Blizzard on this fight.  It was so well put together.  It had so many different mechanics, but without bleeding into the just-plain-annoying range.  This is not a fight that I think you’ll ever be able to overgear.  Yes, it gets easier, but no matter how much HP you have at 85, defile and valkyries will still kill you.  Raging spirits will jack you up.  This is an execution fight, and I think it’s the best one I’ve ever seen.  I know this is late in the expansion and we used the 30% buff, but I don’t care.  I got to kill the endgame boss of the expansion when it was current content.


Now of course, I’m pondering my whole “What is my main?” post again.  I feel a rejuvenated connection with my priest.  The “Kingslayer” title may be the only one he ever wears.

So what’s my main again?

So with the upcoming Cataclysm and corresponding gear reset, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about which of my many toons I want to make my main(s) for the new expansion.


Priest:  This is my current main.  I have more /played on my priest than all my other toons combined.  He is currently specced disc/shadow and is well geared in both.  He was my first toon ever created, but my second to hit 80.

Death Knight:  My “alt” main.  Second most /played time.  He was my first level 80.  He is currently specced frost tank/unholy dps and much better geared as a tank than dps.

Druid:  He is currently specced feral tank/restoration with decent tank gear, and still in boa’s for restoration.

Shaman:  Just hit level 80 last week and is currently specced enhancement/ restoration.

Now although you would think that all of my time investment into my priest would indicate that he should be my main in the future, this isn’t the way I’m currently leaning.  I guess you could say that I have certain emotional attachments to each of these, and corresponding pleasant memories, I am viewing this Cataclysm from a different perspective.

Each of these toons is a tool to be used to fulfill a certain task.  So first of all, I need to know what the task is.  In this case, I’m not planning on rushing to 85 in order to start raiding as soon as possible.  I think that will just lead straight to burnout.  The “task” in this example, is to have fun playing the expansion!  I am not going to look at this as a job, and am going to try to enjoy the process as much as possible.

So here’s my plan:

1.     Level the druid

2.     Level the shaman

3.     Max professions on all four toons

4.     Start raiding on the druid or shaman

5.     Level the priest

6.     Level the death knight

This is of course, completely subject to change at any time.  A certain worgen warrior might fit in here somewhere as well.  I might even alternate leveling the druid and shaman and swap back and forth as I go.

Let me explain my rational.

  • I really enjoy playing my druid.  In fact, if I had rolled a druid to begin with, I might have never even rolled a priest.  Druids have access to all four roles (tank, melee, ranged dps, healer).  With all of the changes that Cataclysm will bring, this flexibility means that I have a very high chance of finding a role that I will really enjoy playing with this toon.
  • My shaman will not be well geared before Cataclysm, so I will be able to experience the transition straight from level 80 quest gear to Cataclysm quest gear.
  • I think that shaman healing may be better balanced at the beginning of Cataclysm than some of the other healing specs out there.  Eventually though, I think this will even out.
  • I enjoy dps’ing as a shaman more than I like dps’ing as a shadow priest.  So when I’m looking at a dps/heal combo, shaman interests me more.
  • I still enjoy playing my priest quite a bit, but since I’ve played him so much, he’s going to be lower on the priority list to make way for the new hotness.
  • The death knight will be last, since he can only fill 2 roles which will be redundant to the druid, and I much prefer bear tanking to death knight tanking in their current states, and don’t expect Cataclysm to change that preference.


I’ve spent this past week getting my shaman to level 80.  I’m not going to bother getting him geared up with Cataclysm on the horizon.  So what next?  Hmmm……decisions, decisions.

I’ve been interviewed!

Check it out 🙂

Many thanks to the wonderful folks at MMO Melting Pot for this opportunity!