I am a very private person who believes that anonymity (especially on the internet) is like a warm blanket on a cold day.  As a result, you will not see my real name, state of residency, political affiliations, game server names, character names, etc.  If you choose to contact me via email (ravenatcurrents at gmail dot com), I will keep your personal information completely confidential, and anything I might use from your email on a blog post will have your name obscured or removed.

I am also quite opinionated (as I think most people should be) and smartastic (it’s a word) and feel that it is entirely within my right to write my opinions on this blog.  Of course, I understand that as potential readers, you are also entitled to your opinions, no matter how wrong they may be :).

My plan for comments is to allow all of them.  However, any spam will be deleted at my discretion.  Differing opinions are highly encouraged here, but personal attacks are completely unwelcome.