I’ve finished Silverpine on my forsaken hunter.  It was overall a fantastic experience, and I highly recommend that everyone go through it.  Welcome to the machine was hilarious.

However, through this experience, I’ve concluded that I am, indeed, for the Alliance.  The forsaken story is very interesting, yet incredible disturbing as well.  When Sylvanas and Garrosh get in a minor argument, I had to side with Garrosh.  What Sylvanas does is kinda fucked up.  Having seen her thirst for power, I can only view her as a villain.

I suppose there always was an open question regarding what the forsaken would become once Arthas had been defeated.  In my opinion, the natural order of things would be (simplified):

1. Arthas raises scourge

2. Scourge rebel, break free, and form the forsaken

3. Arthas dies

4. Forsaken live as long as they can, dying off through natural causes (rot?) and battle

5. No more forsaken

Now please forgive me if you are a hard-core Horde player.  This is no reflection on you.  I always thought that the Alliance vs. Horde argument was never meant to be a good vs. evil argument, and more of a faction vs. faction argument.  But through this experience, it seems to me that Blizzard is really giving the Horde more of an evil tint.

Or maybe I’m just reading into things too much…