So I’m question along on an undead hunter that I recently made to check out some of the new leveling, as I’ve never rolled an undead before.  Leveling is an absolute joy, but I’ll get into that more later.

Anyway, I’m cruising along in Tirisfal Glades and happen upon Apothecary Jerrod.  I notice that standing next to him is someone rather short of stature.  So I take a closer look.  Oh my God!  It’s a gnome in service to the horde!

This is just plain unacceptable.  So I log off, go back to my home server, log in to my level 51 gnome rogue, journey all the way to Tirisfal, sap Jerrod and garrote Crispin.

Now I feel much better.

That little piece of justice served, I log back onto my undead hunter.  Now originally I was going to tell you all about the amazing experience that Silverpine is, but I decided not to.  My words can not fully describe the awesome.  So long story short, do yourself a favor and roll an undead, and make sure you read the quest text!  I spent almost the whole time with a huge grin on my face and was exclaiming something along the lines of “holy shit that’s awesome” at pretty much every other quest.  If this is the new and improved questing/leveling experience, then I think I might be done with raiding for a while.  I’ve got a metric fuckton of alts I need to roll 🙂

P.S. I understand the irony with using a gnome rogue to kill a traitorous gnome that I found while rolling an undead hunter to kill worgen when I’m going to race change my main (druid) to worgen tomorrow.