So before the shattering I was looking forward to the whole thing but didn’t get myself too worked up.  But now that it’s happened it’s more of an OMGWTFSQUEE!!!

Seriously, where did my warcraft go?  This isn’t WoW!  This is something else.  I can’t even describe it.

Of course, I know it’s going to get even better when I can fly everywhere.  I may be the last person in my guild with an 85 as I spend days on end just flying around looking at everything.

Questing is freaking awesome.  I did the darkshore quests to get Withers for my druid (if you have a druid, you owe this to yourself) and got a bit teary eyed when I went by the ruins of Auberdine to pay my respects.  Questing seems so fluid now.  It’s fantastic.  I can only imagine how much better this is for new players.

Tanking is borked and I don’t care.  Healing is less borked and I don’t care.  Raiding is nonexistent and I’m stoked ’cause that gives me more time to be completely unproductive and just cruise around checking out the sights.

I like the new cooking dailies, especially since they reward skill points, so getting from 400 on up is even easier now.

I really feel like I’m getting ready to play a whole new game now.  My plans for cataclysm?  Totally shattered.  I have no idea what I want to do in cataclysm.  The only thing I know for sure is that I am not going to rush myself.  I’m not going to let myself get pressured by my guild to level and gear up for raiding.  If I’m not ready, they can replace me.

I might end up leveling all 4 of my 80’s in parallel, bouncing from one to another depending on what zones aren’t packed full of levelers.  Of course, the rabid squirrel that seems to be driving my current play style might just go ahead and tell me to go ahead and get that level 26 warlock up to 85 instead.  Or my new worgen warrior may grab me by the genitals and force me to level him to the cap.  Or I might start obsessing about professions and bounce around getting those leveled up.  Or I might start a forsaken on a new server (cause I’m out of spots on my home server) just to see Silverpine, as I seem to be hearing all sorts of things about it being chalk full of awesome.

It reminds when I just started playing and walked into Stormwind for the first time and started to realize that there’s just so much to do!