Here we go. This represents my first fanfic/RP writing…ever…

I apologize in advance for subjecting you to this.

If you’re not into this type of thing, then move along, nothing to see here.



The warlock stepped into the auction house, and politely waved as he approached one of the local auction masters. “Good day master Jaxon”. “Good day to you sir, how may I help you?” he responded.

The warlock looked down at his feet. His shoes were beginning to wear through, and the local tailors could only do so much to repair a simple pair of cloth shoes. It was all that cursed running. “I’m looking for some new shoes. Would you have anything in my size?” “Just a moment sir, let me see what I have” said Jaxon.

As Jaxon was rummaging through the many pairs of shoes on consignment, the warlock was pondering just how long it had been since he’d killed something. “Let’s see”, he thought to himself, “there was that cow just outside the gate before I entered the city.” He frowned to himself. “Why that’s terrible, I haven’t killed anything since I entered the city gates!”

As he was plotting the demise of the next city rat to cross his path, an evil grin starting to spread across his face, his revelry was interrupted by a light tug on his robe, corresponding with the tiniest “excuse me!” coming from around his knee.

He looked down to see a small child looking up with hope in her eyes. “Can I pet him”, she said. “Pet who”, he responded. The child pointed to the being standing beside him. “Tanggak?”, the warlock questioned as he pointed. “You want to pet my voidwalker?” The child nodded in the affirmative. “You want to pet an enslaved demon, wrenched from the fires of the twisted nether, that exists solely to attack ruthlessly any creature I command it to?” The child shrugged her shoulders and nodded again. “Why”, he asked. “He’s cute!”, the child responded.

“Cute!” he thought to himself. That simply would not do. With a wave of his hand, he dismissed the demon.

He looked down at the child. A frown was upon her face and tears were beginning to well up in her small blue eyes. That definitely wasn’t the response he was looking for.

“Wait”, he said, “I have something even better”. Her eyes cleared and she looked up expectantly.

The warlock quickly burned one of the spare souls he kept around for such purposes and cast the spell. In the blink of an eye, Shaakorill stepped onto the plain of Azerothian existence, sounding out his usual greeting in a grating bass tone, “You dare summon ME?” The felguard stood a full nine feet tall, wielding a massive axe nearly as long as the demon himself. Spikes on his head and shoulders made him look even taller. His blood red armor seemed to drip from fresh kills.

The warlock looked down at the child. The felguard looked down at her as well.

With a barely audible screech, the child turned and ran from the building.

“Ah”, he said to himself, “now that was the response I was looking for”. He turned to the felguard, “well Shaakorill, it looks like it’s you and I from now on”.  The felguard nodded silently and began scanning the area for something that needed killing. The warlock casually turned back to Jaxon. “So, how about those shoes?”