Bee over at A High Latency Life has mentioned that sometimes you have to an “a-hole”.

I’m tired of being an “a-hole”.

These days in LFD, my patience limit is almost down to zero. If we wipe due to mistakes, unfamiliarity, learning, I will run back in and finish the run. If people are new and have questions, I am more than willing to help.

But at the first hint of douchebaggery, I will /rage. First, I will initiate a vote kick. If I am unable to do so or if it doesn’t pass, I will drop group after a brief explanation/calling out of the douche. Period. I refuse to put up with the outrageous shit that people seem to get away with in LFD pugs.

So it is with little regret, that I hereby retire from LFD. If I don’t do this for my personal mental health, I will burn out on this game and never return.

When Cataclysm hits, I will quest to level, and will only see the new dungeons when I am able to go with my guild. If this means that I am unable to gear up to raid, then I will go casual. All you ass-hats out there can spread your poison to the other denizens of Azeroth. But I will not be tainted by your foul and pestilent manners.

For all of you new players that are still trying to figure out how this whole world (of warcraft) works, I pity you. You will suffer for the behavior of your peers. I don’t think that I am/will be the only experienced person who has given up on LFD. As more of us leave LFD, the higher the concentration of douche will become. I can only hope that one day the douche levels in LFD hit a critical mass and the resulting douche-nova spontaneously expels the douchebags permanently from this game that I love.