I normally don’t really see much of a “personality” evolve in my MMO characters. For the most part, they’re just tools in a toolbox.

In my frustration with the ease of leveling, though, I’ve been taking a new approach to the situation. As a side-effect, one of my toons is developing a distinct, and somewhat disturbing personality.

My warlock is an arrogant, homicidal maniac. There, I’ve said it. Now this seems especially strange for me, as in RL I try very hard to be humble and polite, and I value life of all kinds.

But this warlock is a sick, demented murderer of all things Azerothian. It’s gotten so bad, that he doesn’t think of himself as a resident of Azeroth and potential hero. (Now he’s even thinking for himself. What have I done?)

He considers himself a raid-boss-in-training. One day he’s planning on building a lair and tormenting adventurers in whole packs as they come to kill him and take his phat lewts. He’s gonna enrage at t=0 though and totally destroy and enslave everyone that comes to challenge him.

It all started innocently enough. Taking some candles, killing some pests, nothing out of the ordinary for any up-and-coming hero. But then something happened. 4.0 dropped and he got a felguard. He’s got multiple instant-cast dot’s. The power has completely corrupted him. He was doing some of the new cataclysm quests, which involve a lot of running around (he’s only level 18 now, so no mount). He couldn’t go longer than about 10 seconds without having to kill something. Rats, squirrels, cows, low level mobs, same level mobs, didn’t matter. He would just be running along, see a nameplate pop up, target, dot, dot, send in the felguard, and just keep running. He’s so careless about it, he’s not even stopping to loot the mobs. This is just wasteful, and concerns me that the corruption may be irreversible.

After he finished what cataclysm quests he could do (the next one in the chain was bugged) he went back to doing what he does best, killing things for cold hard cash. He picked up a quest to kill 20 rabid thistle bears. He just ran through the area, dot, dot, send felguard, run to the next bear, dot, dot, etc. Eventually he had 4 bears on him so he just hit a soulburn and a couple lifedrains, popped a healthstone, and everything fell over dead. Without stopping, he went on to grab more of them and just kept on going.

Then he needed to turn in the quest. Now any normal adventurer might head back to the road and follow that back to town.

Not this warlock. Where he’s going, he doesn’t need roads. He just pointed himself straight back at the quest giver and started going. Anything he met, he killed, many times without even breaking stride.

Mercy, fairness? Totally foreign concepts to him. Non aggressive mobs in his way? Dot ‘em up and let ‘em fall.

The worst thing about it? He’s rubbing off on me. I’ve never cackled this much before. It can’t be healthy.

And the hits just keep on coming. Last night he hit level 18 and picked up rain of fire. Shit. I think my warlock just became the true harbinger of Deathwing’s return.