I’ve been hearing that some people are unhappy with the current state of shaman healing. My view may be skewed, as I never had the opportunity to heal with my shaman much pre-4.0, but I for one find it to be highly capable. I got my shaman to 80 just before 4.0 hit, and I wasn’t planning on doing much with him until cataclysm. Then I found a bunch of cheap BOE armor on the auction house, and since I’m sucker for shiny new purples, bought it. Then of course, I got on a few guild runs into ICC, and now I’ve healed 10/12 in 10 man. So much for my plans not to play him until cataclysm.

Anyway, resto seems to work quite well. I feel like I have a lot of different tools for different needs. Healing wave and greater healing wave aren’t being used much at the moment. I just can’t wait that damned long for a cast to finish. I never experienced chain heal prior to the nerfs, so it might hit for quite a bit less than it used to, but it still feels very valuable. I’m certainly not spamming any heal, but really seem to be weaving skills based upon what is needed.

Planning ahead on totems throws an interesting twist to the healing equation.

Not being able to cleanse disease makes me very sad though. I know this will be less of a problem in cataclysm, where the major things that have to be dispelled pronto will all be magic, but in current content, this can create problems, especially when we try to 2 heal with myself and a druid.



This is what I used to level to 80 with, and it really doesn’t seem to have changed much. But since I’ve never raided as enhancement, I don’t have the experience to really speak about the changes much. I know that while questing in enhancement, I’m still totally unstoppable.

Overall, I still love my shaman, and he’s just still right behind the druid in the queue to get to level 85.