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My first fanfic/RP writing…ever…

Here we go. This represents my first fanfic/RP writing…ever…

I apologize in advance for subjecting you to this.

If you’re not into this type of thing, then move along, nothing to see here.



The warlock stepped into the auction house, and politely waved as he approached one of the local auction masters. “Good day master Jaxon”. “Good day to you sir, how may I help you?” he responded.

The warlock looked down at his feet. His shoes were beginning to wear through, and the local tailors could only do so much to repair a simple pair of cloth shoes. It was all that cursed running. “I’m looking for some new shoes. Would you have anything in my size?” “Just a moment sir, let me see what I have” said Jaxon.

As Jaxon was rummaging through the many pairs of shoes on consignment, the warlock was pondering just how long it had been since he’d killed something. “Let’s see”, he thought to himself, “there was that cow just outside the gate before I entered the city.” He frowned to himself. “Why that’s terrible, I haven’t killed anything since I entered the city gates!”

As he was plotting the demise of the next city rat to cross his path, an evil grin starting to spread across his face, his revelry was interrupted by a light tug on his robe, corresponding with the tiniest “excuse me!” coming from around his knee.

He looked down to see a small child looking up with hope in her eyes. “Can I pet him”, she said. “Pet who”, he responded. The child pointed to the being standing beside him. “Tanggak?”, the warlock questioned as he pointed. “You want to pet my voidwalker?” The child nodded in the affirmative. “You want to pet an enslaved demon, wrenched from the fires of the twisted nether, that exists solely to attack ruthlessly any creature I command it to?” The child shrugged her shoulders and nodded again. “Why”, he asked. “He’s cute!”, the child responded.

“Cute!” he thought to himself. That simply would not do. With a wave of his hand, he dismissed the demon.

He looked down at the child. A frown was upon her face and tears were beginning to well up in her small blue eyes. That definitely wasn’t the response he was looking for.

“Wait”, he said, “I have something even better”. Her eyes cleared and she looked up expectantly.

The warlock quickly burned one of the spare souls he kept around for such purposes and cast the spell. In the blink of an eye, Shaakorill stepped onto the plain of Azerothian existence, sounding out his usual greeting in a grating bass tone, “You dare summon ME?” The felguard stood a full nine feet tall, wielding a massive axe nearly as long as the demon himself. Spikes on his head and shoulders made him look even taller. His blood red armor seemed to drip from fresh kills.

The warlock looked down at the child. The felguard looked down at her as well.

With a barely audible screech, the child turned and ran from the building.

“Ah”, he said to himself, “now that was the response I was looking for”. He turned to the felguard, “well Shaakorill, it looks like it’s you and I from now on”.  The felguard nodded silently and began scanning the area for something that needed killing. The warlock casually turned back to Jaxon. “So, how about those shoes?”


I hereby retire from LFD

Bee over at A High Latency Life has mentioned that sometimes you have to an “a-hole”.

I’m tired of being an “a-hole”.

These days in LFD, my patience limit is almost down to zero. If we wipe due to mistakes, unfamiliarity, learning, I will run back in and finish the run. If people are new and have questions, I am more than willing to help.

But at the first hint of douchebaggery, I will /rage. First, I will initiate a vote kick. If I am unable to do so or if it doesn’t pass, I will drop group after a brief explanation/calling out of the douche. Period. I refuse to put up with the outrageous shit that people seem to get away with in LFD pugs.

So it is with little regret, that I hereby retire from LFD. If I don’t do this for my personal mental health, I will burn out on this game and never return.

When Cataclysm hits, I will quest to level, and will only see the new dungeons when I am able to go with my guild. If this means that I am unable to gear up to raid, then I will go casual. All you ass-hats out there can spread your poison to the other denizens of Azeroth. But I will not be tainted by your foul and pestilent manners.

For all of you new players that are still trying to figure out how this whole world (of warcraft) works, I pity you. You will suffer for the behavior of your peers. I don’t think that I am/will be the only experienced person who has given up on LFD. As more of us leave LFD, the higher the concentration of douche will become. I can only hope that one day the douche levels in LFD hit a critical mass and the resulting douche-nova spontaneously expels the douchebags permanently from this game that I love.

I’m not dead yet!

I know I have been remiss in posting.  I apologize, but I have been distracted by shinies…

Towers of Midnight released.  If you have not read the Wheel of Time series, stop reading this right now, get the books, and start reading.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you to catch up.  You’ve only got 13 books to read…


Oh my God aren’t those awesome?!  Since the last book, “A Memory of Light” isn’t scheduled to come out until 2012, I might just have to start over and read them all again.

Call of Duty: Black Ops released.  I’ve been a fan of the series for a while now.  Yes I know, but Raven, you’re an MMO player!  That’s right I am, yet I also enjoy some occasional time in a good FPS.  I still haven’t decided if I like Black Ops yet.  I will say that the guns you start out with suck.  But now that I’ve got some levels and better gear (what is up with the constant acquisition of gear?) I’m doing better and having more fun.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood just came out yesterday.  I’m a huge fan of this series.  I haven’t picked this one up yet, but am planning on it soon.  The multi-player could get slightly addicting.

Current state of WoW…elemental invasion?  Haven’t dabbled in it much yet.  I’ll probably go through it on one of my toons for the experience (not experience points, different thing).  Other than that, I’m not willing to login just to farm more points by killing the same stuff over and over again.  My favorite toon to play right now is my lowbie warlock.  Of course, I almost feel like I’m stealing from him with every level I get, as the whole experience is going to change in cataclysm, and he may want to see the new hotness.  Of course, he is still as demented as ever.  I’m even *shudder* considering an RP post about him, if I can work up the courage to try writing it.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

I normally don’t really see much of a “personality” evolve in my MMO characters. For the most part, they’re just tools in a toolbox.

In my frustration with the ease of leveling, though, I’ve been taking a new approach to the situation. As a side-effect, one of my toons is developing a distinct, and somewhat disturbing personality.

My warlock is an arrogant, homicidal maniac. There, I’ve said it. Now this seems especially strange for me, as in RL I try very hard to be humble and polite, and I value life of all kinds.

But this warlock is a sick, demented murderer of all things Azerothian. It’s gotten so bad, that he doesn’t think of himself as a resident of Azeroth and potential hero. (Now he’s even thinking for himself. What have I done?)

He considers himself a raid-boss-in-training. One day he’s planning on building a lair and tormenting adventurers in whole packs as they come to kill him and take his phat lewts. He’s gonna enrage at t=0 though and totally destroy and enslave everyone that comes to challenge him.

It all started innocently enough. Taking some candles, killing some pests, nothing out of the ordinary for any up-and-coming hero. But then something happened. 4.0 dropped and he got a felguard. He’s got multiple instant-cast dot’s. The power has completely corrupted him. He was doing some of the new cataclysm quests, which involve a lot of running around (he’s only level 18 now, so no mount). He couldn’t go longer than about 10 seconds without having to kill something. Rats, squirrels, cows, low level mobs, same level mobs, didn’t matter. He would just be running along, see a nameplate pop up, target, dot, dot, send in the felguard, and just keep running. He’s so careless about it, he’s not even stopping to loot the mobs. This is just wasteful, and concerns me that the corruption may be irreversible.

After he finished what cataclysm quests he could do (the next one in the chain was bugged) he went back to doing what he does best, killing things for cold hard cash. He picked up a quest to kill 20 rabid thistle bears. He just ran through the area, dot, dot, send felguard, run to the next bear, dot, dot, etc. Eventually he had 4 bears on him so he just hit a soulburn and a couple lifedrains, popped a healthstone, and everything fell over dead. Without stopping, he went on to grab more of them and just kept on going.

Then he needed to turn in the quest. Now any normal adventurer might head back to the road and follow that back to town.

Not this warlock. Where he’s going, he doesn’t need roads. He just pointed himself straight back at the quest giver and started going. Anything he met, he killed, many times without even breaking stride.

Mercy, fairness? Totally foreign concepts to him. Non aggressive mobs in his way? Dot ‘em up and let ‘em fall.

The worst thing about it? He’s rubbing off on me. I’ve never cackled this much before. It can’t be healthy.

And the hits just keep on coming. Last night he hit level 18 and picked up rain of fire. Shit. I think my warlock just became the true harbinger of Deathwing’s return.

4.0 Shaman Impressions


I’ve been hearing that some people are unhappy with the current state of shaman healing. My view may be skewed, as I never had the opportunity to heal with my shaman much pre-4.0, but I for one find it to be highly capable. I got my shaman to 80 just before 4.0 hit, and I wasn’t planning on doing much with him until cataclysm. Then I found a bunch of cheap BOE armor on the auction house, and since I’m sucker for shiny new purples, bought it. Then of course, I got on a few guild runs into ICC, and now I’ve healed 10/12 in 10 man. So much for my plans not to play him until cataclysm.

Anyway, resto seems to work quite well. I feel like I have a lot of different tools for different needs. Healing wave and greater healing wave aren’t being used much at the moment. I just can’t wait that damned long for a cast to finish. I never experienced chain heal prior to the nerfs, so it might hit for quite a bit less than it used to, but it still feels very valuable. I’m certainly not spamming any heal, but really seem to be weaving skills based upon what is needed.

Planning ahead on totems throws an interesting twist to the healing equation.

Not being able to cleanse disease makes me very sad though. I know this will be less of a problem in cataclysm, where the major things that have to be dispelled pronto will all be magic, but in current content, this can create problems, especially when we try to 2 heal with myself and a druid.



This is what I used to level to 80 with, and it really doesn’t seem to have changed much. But since I’ve never raided as enhancement, I don’t have the experience to really speak about the changes much. I know that while questing in enhancement, I’m still totally unstoppable.

Overall, I still love my shaman, and he’s just still right behind the druid in the queue to get to level 85.

4.0 Druid Impressions

Bear Tanking:

We’ve been hit by the great AOE threat nerf of 4.0 with the changes to swipe.  But other than that, bear tanking is still pretty much pure win.  The only thing I’m struggling with is trying to keep pulverize up.  If I’ve got plenty of rage such that I’m using maul pretty regularly, I find that pulverize has fallen off before I’ve got lacerate triple stacked again.  It’s also kind of a bummer that as soon as I get lacerate stacked to full effectiveness, I’m consuming it with pulverize.  I would love to be able to keep pulverize up and at least a few seconds of a triple stacked lacerate at the same time.

No big deal though, on single target threat, I’m pretty unstoppable, even though I’m still rocking the lovely i200 Staff of trickery.  The great thing about bear tanking over death knight tanking that I’ve seen so far is that I’m not feeling resource locked, and there is always something I can do with each and every GCD.  This makes tanking feel far more active rather than the “pop skills and hope dps doesn’t pull aggro” method of DK tanking.


Oh permanent tree form, how I miss you.  Now I’m just another male night elf doing the horrible male night elf casting animation.  I miss the swaying of my branches.  I’ve had to retrain myself a little bit.  Regrowth is the new flash heal, rather than the long hot, and lifebloom can only be cast on one target now.  So that’s taking some getting used to.  But the first time I cast efflorescence?  I nearly soiled myself.  It is pure awesome.  The first thing I did was walk into the green goo of pretty leaves and bask in the awesomeness of druidity (damn spell check, that is a perfectly cromulent word).

The female worgen dance is Lady Gaga’s Poker Face?


I can’t find the blue post that mentions why they re-named “nom nom nom”.  Something about silly internet meme’s (google fu is failing me tonight), but we get Poker Face for the female worgen dance?

Edit:  Blue post on the renaming from Blizzcon Q&A.  Many thanks to BBB for having that listed on one of his posts.