I just discovered the Grumpy Elf and found this post on the ability queue system that Blizzard implemented that I didn’t know about.


This at least explains why I’ve been feeling so sluggish while healing, cause I keep firing off heals before the GCD is up, which fills the queue, which then wants to prohibit me from casting the most recent cast I’ve fired off.


This also explains why I wiped us in VOA10 the other night while tanking on my death knight.  I’ve got rune strike assigned to my scroll wheel.  Since I never just scroll one little bitty click at a time, I queued a whole bunch of rune strikes and wondered why the hell my taunt didn’t fire off when it needed to.  Of course, the other tank got too many stacks and died and that was it for the rest of us.


Please Blizzard, fix this pronto.  You can’t honestly expect us to all be able to time our button presses and clicks perfectly to a haste affected GCD.  We’re going to hit stuff before the gcd and we might want to change to something else before that gcd expires.