The patch dropped on Tuesday.  Due to a number of unfortunate circumstances that I won’t bore you with, I didn’t get it downloaded and installed until Thursday.

Once I was able to actually login (sans addons), I went straight to the auction house and started posting glyphs.  I can only imagine what this patch has been like for those of you that don’t have a scribe, especially if you have multiple toons.  The changes to the glyph system meant that pretty much everyone had to buy or make new glyphs for almost every spec.  Painful for all, but awesome for those of us scribes.

I’ve pulled in over 40k in four days.  I would especially like to thank everyone who has purchased the glyph of mage armor for over 350G each.  It seems that this glyph was supposed to be removed, but for some reason didn’t get charred and can still be learned and equipped.  However, it can’t be made as it’s been removed from inscription craft list.  So it’s going for crazy amounts.

Addons are being update constantly these days, so we’re closer and closer to returning to our normal functionality.  I had to replace several addons completely.  I’m still mourning shadowed unit frames.  Xperl seems to be working okay for me, but isn’t as configurable as SUF.  I replaced Titan with Chocolate Bar as my broker tool.  Vuhdo, power auras, bartender4, and icehud are all up-to date and functioning fine, so at least I can do the basic stuff.

Aside from exploiting the glyph market, I of course had to glyph and spec my 4 level 80 characters into 8 different specs, which was time consuming.  I’ll talk more about this in future posts, as there’s a lot to say on the matter of spec play-styles under the new regime.