So I got home late last night, so I got the new patch started, but I knew it was going to take long enough that I didn’t want to stay awake and wait for it (I know, what kind of lazy WoW player am I?!)  I got it started and then went to bed.  I woke up this morning, check on the download, and lo and behold, my computer has been restarted to install Windows updates!  Ug.  So I got that finished and started the patch download AGAIN.  Hopefully nothing catastrophic (couldn’t say cataclysmic, too punny) will happen before I get home today and I’ll actually be able to login.

Of course, then the real fun begins.  Figuring out what addons have broken, reconfiguring everything that still works but needs to look different now.  I am incredibly sad because I’ve heard that shadowed unit frames is no longer being updated.  I refuse to use pitbull (I had a bad experience, OK?)  So what does that leave me with, x-perl?  I’ve never used it before, so I guess I should look into that.

Then once the UI is functional again, I get to start re-learning 8 different specs (why did I want to have 4 level 80’s again?)

I feel like I’m starting a whole new game 🙂