So I have to share this with you, as it made me laugh at my own stupidity on my way in to work this morning (delayed stupidity ftw).

I’m playing my shaman last night, and although I’ve mentioned that I was planning on not really doing so until cataclysm, I’ve had a bug to do some non-priest healing and I’m enjoying the resto shaman toolset, so I’ve been doing some randoms.

So I’m doing randoms and pick up some new shoulders from heroic trial of the champion.  I’ve already got a gem on me so I pop it in and equip it.  After the run, I log out, grab my priest, fly to the sons of hodir, pick up the shoulder enchant I want (the priest is exalted with them, the shaman hasn’t even done the quest to open the area).  I hearth to Dalaran and send the shoulder enchant to my shaman.  Log back onto the shaman and enchant my new shoulders.

I then log off for the night, happy with my shiny new purple pixels.

So now I’m on my way to work this morning when it strikes me like a chain lightning of epiphany…my shaman is a scribe.  DAMN IT!