There have recently been several posts in the blogosphere regarding the use of factions in MMOs, in WoW terms, Horde versus Alliance.

I have to admit.  I’m not a fan of the separation.  I don’t particularly notice the difference in BG’s.  It really seems totally artificial to be completely segregated from the opposing faction.  I play Alliance, but I would love to have more of a mix of Horde and Alliance races for my toons, and would love to be able to talk to and group with members of the other faction.  I really don’t have an “us versus them” mentality at all.  In fact, on my nelf druid especially, for some reason, I feel a kinship with tauren druids.  Even though I don’t RP, I can’t help cheering/high fiving them when I see them in Dalaran.  It seems natural.

I think of it kind of like when you’re cheering for your favorite sports team and find yourself cheering right along someone that you have absolutely nothing else in common with.  Even though you know nothing about them and might not get along anywhere else, in that venue, you’re kin.

I got that feeling a lot in ICC.  Even in the foyer where you see NPCs of cross faction races, it seemed so natural to bind together to defeat a common foe.

Now I can certainly understand the fierce loyalty to faction that you see in this game, but on the other hand, I don’t think that this should be forced.  I think that it should be a character choice.  For every Garrosh, there is Thrall.  I wish we could have this same choice.  I would love to carry a white flag into Ogrimmar and chat with other players who love this game as I do.  I would love to take down the big mean internet dragons with gnomes alongside orcs, and dwarves alongside the undead.  It just seems…right.

Maybe this would even help improve the community that so many people are condemning.  Of course it could also devolve into a morass of trash talk, but I’m trying to be positive 🙂