So recently there have been some posts regarding the use of heirlooms while leveling.

So what are my thoughts?  I like heirlooms, and I use them whenever possible.  Allow me to explain why.

I recently leveled my shaman to level 80 using full heirlooms and as much rested XP as possible.  I hit level 80 in Sholazar Basin.  I didn’t even step foot in Storm Peaks or Icecrown.  Why?  Because I LIKE questing in Sholazar.  As I leveled, I liked being able to go through and skip entire quest lines, quest hubs, and even entire zones so that I could spend my leveling time doing what I wanted to do, where I wanted to do it.  Heirlooms (the chest and shoulders for the +20% XP bonus) help to provide a great deal of flexibility in leveling.  Now I’ll admit, I got bored of seeing the same equipment for 80 levels and I missed the little adrenaline rush that a new upgrade gives you here and there, but the enjoyment I got out of leveling how/when/where I wanted to more than made up for it.

On my first two trips to level 80, I didn’t use any heirlooms.  After I got them both to 80, I took a LONG time off of leveling.  I don’t think I started my next leveling project for a solid 8 months.  I just couldn’t stand the thought of doing the same damned quest lines through the same zones over again.  Even though Blizzard does provide some alternate zones for certain level ranges, there really isn’t a whole ton of options available, other than LFD, which I also used occasionally.  Heirlooms allow you to make more decisions when it comes to how you level.  Don’t like the poop quests?  Skip ‘em.  Don’t want to grind rep with a faction just to open another quest hub?  Skip it.  Don’t want to deal with the gigantic spikey zone in Outland?  Go find somewhere else to quest and level.  Tired of grinding those same mobs who refuse to drop the particular body part that that quest requires?  Abandon it and move on.  I like options, and heirlooms provide me with more, so I use them.