I login Monday night and get a whisper from our raid leader.  “Got time for an LK kill?”  I get all nervous and reply “I can try :)”.  I swap to my disc priest.

I’ve watched videos, read tactics, but haven’t even seen the fight yet.  I zone in and meet up with the group.  A couple of other people haven’t done the fight yet, so we go over positioning and ready check.

The first attempt we lost due to bad defile placement.  The second fight we lost due to a tank error.  The third fight we lost due to really bad timing on valkyrie/defile.  The fourth attempt…we got him.  We make it clean into the last phase prior to the insta-death.  His HP is ticking down and I’m getting more and more nervous.  A voice is screaming in my mind “holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!” and I’m healing my ass off.  We lose one and get a battle rez right away.  The dps shaman goes down and ankh’s.  The raid leader announces “don’t release!” and boom!  We all drop like stones.  Congratulations go out in raid chat and the raid leader announces it over guild chat for the GM to see.  We get rezzed, pew pew and yahtzee!  Achievement spam.  By this time I’m literally shaking I’m so excited.  I watch the cutscene.

I thank my guild profusely.  We get screenshots.  I have a couple whispered congratulations back and forth with various teammates, one of whom I’ve been raiding with since my first guild in WoW ever.

It was one of the best moments I’ve had in this game.  I’m still having difficulty describing it.

My hat is off to Blizzard on this fight.  It was so well put together.  It had so many different mechanics, but without bleeding into the just-plain-annoying range.  This is not a fight that I think you’ll ever be able to overgear.  Yes, it gets easier, but no matter how much HP you have at 85, defile and valkyries will still kill you.  Raging spirits will jack you up.  This is an execution fight, and I think it’s the best one I’ve ever seen.  I know this is late in the expansion and we used the 30% buff, but I don’t care.  I got to kill the endgame boss of the expansion when it was current content.


Now of course, I’m pondering my whole “What is my main?” post again.  I feel a rejuvenated connection with my priest.  The “Kingslayer” title may be the only one he ever wears.