So with the upcoming Cataclysm and corresponding gear reset, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about which of my many toons I want to make my main(s) for the new expansion.


Priest:  This is my current main.  I have more /played on my priest than all my other toons combined.  He is currently specced disc/shadow and is well geared in both.  He was my first toon ever created, but my second to hit 80.

Death Knight:  My “alt” main.  Second most /played time.  He was my first level 80.  He is currently specced frost tank/unholy dps and much better geared as a tank than dps.

Druid:  He is currently specced feral tank/restoration with decent tank gear, and still in boa’s for restoration.

Shaman:  Just hit level 80 last week and is currently specced enhancement/ restoration.

Now although you would think that all of my time investment into my priest would indicate that he should be my main in the future, this isn’t the way I’m currently leaning.  I guess you could say that I have certain emotional attachments to each of these, and corresponding pleasant memories, I am viewing this Cataclysm from a different perspective.

Each of these toons is a tool to be used to fulfill a certain task.  So first of all, I need to know what the task is.  In this case, I’m not planning on rushing to 85 in order to start raiding as soon as possible.  I think that will just lead straight to burnout.  The “task” in this example, is to have fun playing the expansion!  I am not going to look at this as a job, and am going to try to enjoy the process as much as possible.

So here’s my plan:

1.     Level the druid

2.     Level the shaman

3.     Max professions on all four toons

4.     Start raiding on the druid or shaman

5.     Level the priest

6.     Level the death knight

This is of course, completely subject to change at any time.  A certain worgen warrior might fit in here somewhere as well.  I might even alternate leveling the druid and shaman and swap back and forth as I go.

Let me explain my rational.

  • I really enjoy playing my druid.  In fact, if I had rolled a druid to begin with, I might have never even rolled a priest.  Druids have access to all four roles (tank, melee, ranged dps, healer).  With all of the changes that Cataclysm will bring, this flexibility means that I have a very high chance of finding a role that I will really enjoy playing with this toon.
  • My shaman will not be well geared before Cataclysm, so I will be able to experience the transition straight from level 80 quest gear to Cataclysm quest gear.
  • I think that shaman healing may be better balanced at the beginning of Cataclysm than some of the other healing specs out there.  Eventually though, I think this will even out.
  • I enjoy dps’ing as a shaman more than I like dps’ing as a shadow priest.  So when I’m looking at a dps/heal combo, shaman interests me more.
  • I still enjoy playing my priest quite a bit, but since I’ve played him so much, he’s going to be lower on the priority list to make way for the new hotness.
  • The death knight will be last, since he can only fill 2 roles which will be redundant to the druid, and I much prefer bear tanking to death knight tanking in their current states, and don’t expect Cataclysm to change that preference.