No this is not a pvp story.  This is a glorious story about my very first Forge of Souls (on heroic no less, haven’t done the normal one) on my bear tank that just hit level 80 the day before.

First of all, I hit level 80 on my bear, equipped a bunch of boe gear and sat at 32k HP self buffed.  So I thought to myself, “self, you should skip the dps’ing in 5-mans and just start tanking”.  So I did.  On my third or fourth heroic on this toon ever, I get heroic forge of souls.  So I zone in, check out the healer, who is very well geared, and figure, what the hell, let’s try it.

I should have examined the dps as well.  You see, we had along with us a 6200gs elemental shammy.  After the first pull, I explained my gear situation (still using the staff from H VH, which I picked up on my first heroic), and asked for a bit of agro time.  No response.

So we keep going.  I barely had time to get my first swipe out before a gigantic lightning bolt straight from Zeus himself lit up the mobs like Christmas trees.

Needless to say, it was absolutely hectic.  I had to fight for agro on every single mob.

Now many of you are probably thinking that this sounds incredibly frustrating.  It was, for about 10 seconds.  Then I realized that this was probably the absolutely best tanking practice I could possibly get.  The rest of the party was so well geared that we weren’t going to wipe.  Meanwhile, I got to practice every agro trick I had available, charging, using my maul macros, taunting, fff on cd on various mobs, the works.  It was insanely awesome.  I was getting agro ripped from me by dps, but I was in a minimal risk situation, and so I could experiment and really get used to my keybinds.  After that run, I made some UI changes, tweaked some macros, and realized that I knew far more after that heroic about bear tanking than I did prior.  Normal mode tanking in boe’s never had that challenge, at any level.

Now if we hadn’t had a very geared healer who could keep the dps-tanks alive, this would have been a very different run.

Also, I am not advocating doing this as an overgeared dps in a pug.  You won’t know if your tank can handle the stress, and we certainly don’t want to overstress and discourage new tanks.

Never-the-less, if you are a new tank and have some helpful, and overpowered guildies, I highly recommend this.  Have your dps go all out and rip agro from you every chance they get.  Practice regaining agro. Learn how to use all your skills and cooldowns.  You’ll be a better tank for it.  Plus, once you’ve done this in a controlled environment, the next time someone gets a nice crit string and rips agro, you won’t even get nervous, you’ll just grab it right back and keep going.