With all the broken things in WoW today, we keep hearing the phrase “Cataclysm will fix it”.  Well frankly, I don’t want Cataclysm to fix everything.  I don’t want it to be perfect.  I don’t want every class to be perfectly balanced with every other class.  I don’t want the leveling rate to be constant regardless of how you choose to play.  I want the bugs, imperfections, and imbalances in the game, because these add to the character of the game.  If I wanted balance and homogeny, I would play checkers.  Yes I want the game to be functional.  I don’t want to be stuck in a zone because the rest of the quests are bugged.  I don’t want my class to be so broken that I can’t even solo single quest mobs at level 80 in ICC25 gear.  But I want the variety, the different paths, and the choices that make this game something worth playing.