As I mentioned earlier, I went through a short period of burn out in WoW, but have returned.  I think one of the reasons why I survived it is because I’ve burnt out before and know what to look for.

My first MMO love was Guild Wars.  I’ve got a level capped toon of every profession, and 15 max titles on my main (a monk, and yes I’m kind of sad that dedicated healers won’t exist in GW2).  After pouring over 1500 hours into GW, I just burnt out.  There wasn’t much left to do to really keep me going.  I’d done metric tons of quests, explored everything, mastered every mission, maxed my rep with multiple factions, and solo farmed numerous bosses.  The economy in GW is somewhat strange for you WoW players, as there’s no auction house.  So in the main cities of each continent you will see hundreds of chat messages scrolling past in trade from buyers and sellers.  So trying to amass a fortune that way involved serious migraines scrolling through all of those damned messages.  The end game equivalents of raid’s just weren’t that much fun in my opinion.  At least, not enough to keep me playing.  And since GW isn’t subscription based, it wasn’t like I would lose money if I stopped before the end of a subscription cycle, and picking it up again is easy and free.

In fact, I have gone back a few times just to tinker around and say hello to my various toons.

Never-the-less, I burnt out on GW, and then started WoW.  I’ve since spent far more time in WoW then GW.  When I started to burn out on WoW, I recognized it.  I took a break, thought about the game, dabbled in various other games, and finally came back to WoW re-energized, but in a far more relaxed state of mind.

For anyone out there that is starting to feel frustrated with a big game like WoW that you have invested tons of time in, do yourself a favor.  Take a break.  Think about the game, specifically what you actually enjoy about it.  Then, when you’re ready, login and try something different.  You might just find a new beginning.