Why I love healing:

It’s all about control.  I keep this steamrolling team of badassery on its feet so that it might smite you badies, ‘cause you know, you deserve it.  While other people are creating sparkles on the boss, I’m creating sparkles on my team.

Why I love tanking:

It’s all about control.  I throw outrageously ill insults at bad guys to piss them off enough to try swinging at me.  Then I move them where I want them to die.

Why I love kicking the ever-loving shit out of bad guys: (‘Cause “dps’ing” just doesn’t capture the awesomeness of the role.)

It’s all about control.  Ever sucker-punch someone?  Remember how much fun that was?  That’s what dps’ing is, except ALL THE TIME!  You get to murder someone in the back/knees/ankles with complete impunity.  Tanks just keep their attention.  Healers just keep us going.  But we get to do the killing.  We get to optimize our gear/rotation/priority for absolutely maximum pwnage.  If we don’t kill that boss, nobody will.  And not only that, but we’re the kings and queens of crowd control!  Tanks don’t get to sheep things.  Healers don’t get to freeze mobs with arrows, hell no.  That’s our bag.