If John Wayne was alive today and playing WoW, I believe he would be a warrior.

Warriors don’t heal, outside of some quick battlefield bandaging.  Warriors don’t hang out in the back with the dress wearers.  Nope, warriors straight up murder you in the FACE! Or the knees.  One of the talent trees for the warrior class is called “fury”.  Now, the first definition in the Merriam-Webster dictionary for “fury” is “intense, disordered, and often destructive rage”.  What an absolutely fitting definition of a warrior.  These guys are so badass, that even though Tirioni Fordring himself could only wield a single 2-handed weapon at a time, fury warriors wield two.  Warriors are the kind of folks that when they’re after you and they find out you’re holed up in a house somewhere, will show up to your house and just straight up demolish the house while you’re still in it.  These folks do NOT mess around.  They don’t rely on stealth.  They wear big spiky armor, and will get right in your face and beat you to death.  If you’re out at a bar and hitting on some chick and her boyfriend walks up, you better hope to God that he’s not a warrior, ‘cause they don’t stand for that shit.  And if you cut off that woman in traffic and she steps out at the next light with two axes that are bigger than you are, you better just get ready for a corpse run.

These guys are the USMC of Azeroth.  When it absolutely has to be destroyed overnight, send the warriors.

And these folks don’t derive their power from a deity/alien/demon/element.  Nope, they just unleash their inner rage and go to work.

Now, combine all that win with a werewolf…