Flight form – Oh mister farmer, you need me to collect some carrots (squeeing with delight), sure I can do that, if you pay me enough (yeah, I’ll do this for free).  Giggling hysterically while gathering up carrots watching other players having to dismount, gather, cast mount.  While they’re silently cursing me getting the carrots before they do, I’ve already turned in the quest and moved on.

OMG a bear!  That’s right, I’m a bear, and my ass is gigantic and wiggles when I dodge your pathetic attempts to hit a BEAR!  Oh what’s that, a sword?  *Swipe* hmmmm, now your armor is all in itty bitty tatters on the ground.

DooBeDooBeDoo, just hanging out being evil.  *Pounce* hmmm, getting sleepy.  *blink blink* OMG I’m bleeding!  And there’s a damned cougar noming on me!  OMG help!  Uh oh, I’m feeling kinda woozy.   Maybe I should lay down for a bit.

Don’t mind me, just a tree over here.  You should pay attention to that bear though, he looks pissed.  Why am I waving my hands?  Oh, no reason, just swaying with the wind and all.  Go back to trying to hit that bear who never seems to get hurt…

Listen up yo.  I’m ugly as sin.  I know that, and I’m comfortable with that.  You can call me mister critchicken.  And you better not forget the “mister” or I will call down the powers of the moon and crit you to DEATH!