Holy spec – The light compels you!  Oh look, you poor little dps.  Did you fall down and go boom?  Did the big meany hit you?  Did you think that fire looked pretty?  Be HEALED by the LIGHT!  Oh wait, I’ve leveled and become an angel!  What do you mean that’s bad?  How can that be bad, I’m an angel of healing!  Wait, why am I on the floor now?

Disc spec – A bubble for you…and a bubble for you…oooh, give the tank a frisbee!  I like you, you may have a bubble…You like fire, but I like you anyway so you may have a bubble…You’re a lifetapping warlock so no bubble for you, but I like you so here’s a renew in consolation.

Shadow spec – I am an agent of pure darkness sent by the holy light to MELT YOUR FACE with contradictions, err, spells.  Yes, yes, definitely with spells.